Dale Alexander, D.O.
Naomi King, LMT
Snehal Antala, PT
Aaron Main, LMT
Jason Baer, LMT
Joseph Matera, PT, DPT
Larry Bishop, MD
Rosella Menta, R.Ph
Randi Cestaro, Nutrition
John Oliver, Therapeutic Exercise Spec.
Robert Cox, DC
Anna Roytman, Acupuncturist
Gus De Jesus, Therapeutic Exercise Spec.
Fervid Salvacion, LMT
Stephanie De La Cruz, Therapeutic Exercise Spec.
Veronica Sanabria, LMT
Gary DeStefano, Therapeutic Exercise Spec.
Gunther Scheeljie, LMT
Zane Dukes, Therapeutic Exercise Spec.
Marv Scott, MD, FACSM
Glenn Freeman, Therapeutic Exercise Spec.
Terry Selbert, LMT
Julian Frost, LMT
Guy Siraki, DC
Rachel Itkowitz, LMT
Daryl Smith, LMT
Lisa Janelli, FNP, RN
Dana Stern, Yoga Instructor
Lance Johnson, DC

Our Commitment To Service

Here at PH our team works to prevent, diagnose, and treat a range of conditions related to physical activity including both sports and internal medicine.

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