Performance Health ChiropracticMany people visit a chiropractor because they are in pain; at Performance Health our Chiropractors’ main goal is to help reduce your symptoms. As a new patient, you will see the Chiropractor about two to three visits a week to adjust your musculoskeletal system.

As the treatment continues, a common assumption made is if you don't feel pain anymore, then the condition was “miraculously cured.” The key to remember pain is a very poor gauge of health. Pain usually only appears when a condition(s) has advanced.

Our chiropractors take into consideration the elimination of these symptoms by having the patient continue to receive care even though the symptoms are gone. Why you may ask? Well, if we stop when the pain is reduced or starts to disappear, there is a greater chance of the condition returning.

As you continue your plan of care, you will not have to receive adjustments as often as you did during our first phase of care. You may also begin your therapeutic exercise training and stretches at one of our locations.

Sometimes, a patient might have a mild ”flare-up” but don’t be alarmed, the reason why is usually because your body is still not fully healed yet. Depending on the severity of your injury/condition, each recovery timetable is unique and differs on a patient-by-patient basis.

We encourage continuing chiropractic care to maintain the health of your musculoskeletal system. Just like you would want to support your overall health by exercising and incorporating a proper nutrition program, chiropractic adjustments are necessary for continued physical health and well-being. Handling the stresses of everyday life is easier if your body is at its “optimum health.”


Basic Background Information:
Chiropractors are most known for their treatment of neck pain, mid/lower back pain and headaches that are caused by tension. Subtle misalignments in the spinal column called vertebral subluxations are usually the cause of these types of conditions. When a vertebra loses its normal position, it causes stress, which affects the surrounding disks and cartilage, and can create arthritis. This subluxation also causes tension on the muscles and nerve roots resulting in pain, inflammation, and decreased spinal mobility.

The goal is to improve nervous system function by addressing the cause of your symptoms rather than hiding them. These adjustments of the spine, joints, and muscles can quickly cause relief, and improve spinal and extremity joint function. 

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