Medical Weight ManagementEnsuring proper nutrition goes much further than avoiding sweets and counting calories. Nor does it involve fad diets for the obese and performance enhancing drugs for the athletically inclined.
The Performance Health Medical Weight Management program upholds medically backed principles to achieve results. Typically, assessing for proper nutrition is much more challenging for the non obese versus obese. Obviously, when one looks in the mirror and doesn't agree with what they see, convincing that person to look deeply into their eating habits for a reason behind their obesity is logical. However, many individuals who are not obese often have as many nutritional dilemmas as those who are overweight. It is important to recognize that obesity and malnutrition don't always coexist.

Our medical weight management program upholds medically backed principles to address the serious needs of patients suffering from obesity or serious medical conditions influenced by what we put into our bodies. Our program details the importance of macronutrition, which is obtaining a desirable proportion of carbohydrates, protein, and fats in a calorie conscious fashion, superimposed with micronutrition, which focuses on vital nutrients and essential vitamins. Without achieving a true nutritional balance we create a deficit in our bodies that renders us vulnerable to a number of chronic diseases, as well as an inability to recover from injury, lack of energy and sleep abnormalities.

For starters, what has been shown to be most helpful in creating attainable eating habits and long lasting results is an in depth dietary analysis followed by a structured meal plan suitable to meet one’s needs. We will also provide you with the necessary tools to eliminate poor dietary hygiene and make healthy eating less time or energy consuming.