Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation

Performance Health Sports MedicineParticipation in all forms of physical activity plays a large role in achieving optimal health and is imperative in improving quality of life.

Performance Health works to prevent, diagnose, and treat non-operative conditions related to sports or other physical activity related injuries. We have assembled a team that includes physicians, physical therapists and trainers who share the primary focus of rapid recovery for our patients. Though much of sports medicine is deemed to be orthopedic related, our physicians offer much more than solely treating injuries. Illness or injury in sport can also be caused by non-traumatic factors ranging from environmental to psychological. To cover all ends of the physical disease spectrum, our physicians utilize a broad knowledge base applying cardiology, pulmonology, pain management, dermatology, endocrinology, as well as sports psychology to adequately attend to problems suffered by athletes and other active individuals. The risk of injury will never be eliminated, but by training the body at multiple functional levels and by modifying training, research has shown that it can be lowered.


Another unique aspect of our concept is the distinct level of continuity we provide to tend to patients needs.

All medical patients and other pain and injury alleviation services are rendered under the personal guidance of the Performance Health physicians. As a result, there is constant communication between health care professionals involved eliminating the possibility of vital information being lost or misinterpreted. This approach assures the most cost efficient use of time as well as promoting a smoother and more complete road to recovery.We also focus on empowering patients regarding their diagnosis and treatment. Through education, patients gain a heightened body awareness, which helps them become proactive in managing disabling conditions and preventing injuries from reoccurring.

Performance Health also offers Internal and Primary Care Medicine at each of its locations.

Keeping YOU Active!

It is of our utmost priority, to make sure that all of our patients concerns are readily addressed so that they can return to being highly productive and able to pursue life to its fullest. 

 Performance Health Keeping You Active


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