One of the great benefits with Whole Body Vibration is the speed in which you are able to increase your flexibility. i-Shape gives you the benefits of Whole Body Vibration with ability to focus on the essential stretch reflexes.

 The i-Shape benefits your health:

  • Improves exercise performance - exercise performance in many sports has relation with flexibility.

  • Avoids exercise injury - having a better flexibility or doing more stretch could reduce the injury during exercising.

  • Prevents lower back pain - Lower back pain has relations with the flexibility and strength in abdomen, back, and leg muscle groups.

  • Increases daily function - functions like walking, bending, and driving could be increased by flexibility.

  • Maintains ideal posture - a bad flexibility could affect the posture.

  • The i-Shape vibration machine is great for training your total body, upper body, lower body and corestrength:

Total Body Workout Benefits:

  • Exercise 7 major muscle groups: legs, gluteus, back, chest, arms, shoulders, and abs

  • Benefit of whole body stretch

  • Reduce muscle injury and prevent muscle tension and aches, while increasing flexibility and removing stress.

  • Increases the range of joint movement

  • Improve bad posture

Upper Body Workout Benefits

  • Upper body stretch

  • Muscle groups includes: arms, shoulders, chest, and abs

  • Enhance the flexibility and sculpture on partial muscle groups

Lower Body Workout Benefits:

  • Lower body stretch

  • Muscle groups include: legs and abs

  • Focuses on legs and abs training, and relaxes thigh muscles and knees.

  • Prevents muscle stiffness and numbness

Core Training Workout Benefits

  • Muscle groups include: back, abs and chest

  • Stretches the back and abs to eliminate lower abs, and reduce back pain