Suffering from upper back pain can take a serious toll on the qualify of your life. While pain in your upper back can sometimes be caused by an underlying condition, for most people the discomfort is linked to an injury, repetitive motions and poor posture.

Causes of Upper Back Pain

To treat your back pain appropriately, a Performance Health physician will conduct a full assessment with you at your initial appointment. In addition to reviewing/performing tests such as x-rays, MRI's and CT scans, we will discuss both your lifestyle habits and how you sit.  

Some of the most common reasons for upper back pain we see:

  • Overuse Injuries at your workplace
  • Sports Injuries
  • Vertebral Fractures
  • Strain caused by poor posture
  • Herniated Discs
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Nerve Compression  

Treating Upper Back Pain

Different treatment plans will be appropriate depending on the cause of your pain. Physical Therapy is often incorporated into our treatment plans for this condition. The goal of physical therapy is to strengthen the muscles in the area and help repair them if they are injured. By following your therapists instructions, performing your exercises as directed and making the appropriate changes in your lifestyle, you will see a dramatic improvement in both the way you feel and decreasing your risk of injury in the future. 

Other treatment options that have been appropriate for our patients with upper back pain include massage therapy, biopuncture, chiropractic treatment, and electric muscle stimulation. 

Upper Back Pain

Upper Back pain